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DCC Africa is a financial services company focused on the African continent. Over the coming year, we will invest $100m in stockbroking, banking, insurance, mortgage underwriting, cooperative societies, and fintech companies in Tanzania. We are working within guidelines and supporting The Central Bank of Tanzania in its aim of consolidating banking services, injecting liquidity, and providing state-of-the-art digital systems to the sector. We will support our investments with training and leadership with the objective of creating a pool of very experienced Tanzanian professionals to run our operations.

Through our financial services operations, we will support the following defined sectors:

  • Sovereign project and debt funding
  • Retail and commercial banking, financial services, and insurance
  • Food production and farming
  • Mining
  • Residential and commercial property development
  • Transport and distribution

As a result, it is estimated that over the next 3 years an additional 30 million people in Tanzania, currently unbanked, will be provided with bank accounts enabling them to digitally transfer money both nationally and internationally.

We have spent many years building relationships throughout the continent and understand that every country has its own aspirations and issues. Our aim is to help solve those issues and achieve those goals by working with the countries of Africa, providing the necessary long-term financial and management support.


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